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The drop ins are a solution to quickly finding your car keys or wallet or the cellular phone when it rings... this practical bag organizer allows you to put all your bag essentials in the various gussets slots and pockets.

No more rummaging through your bag looking for a lipstick or a pack of gum. Or worse, looking for the cell phone when you are expecting that important phone call. Just organize everything into the different slots on your drops ins and literally "drop it" into your purse or tote.

This practical accessory also allows you to easily switch bags the next day by just pulling it out from your current bag and "dropping in" these bag organizers into another bag. Voila! No essentials left behind...

These bag organizers look like mini bags on their own. This item is the large version of the same organizer in medium. It features two pockets on the side, a large compartment in the back and 5 compartments in front for all the essentials a woman on-the-go needs. The interior also has 2 slot pockets. These practical drop-in organizers fit into most bags and allows for room in the middle for a sweater, wrap or a book.

The "drop-in" organizers are made of Nylon. They measure 11" (28cm) wide, 7.75" (19cm) high and 4 inches (10cm) deep.

Fits bags that measure about 12"-14" (30-35cm) and at least 8.5" (21.5cm) high.

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ORG-115 Large Organizer - Red Flowers

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