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Fri Mar 21, 2008 

Time-Savers: No More Purse Dump 

What: The Plaid Purse Bag Organizers and Hooks 

Why: With these handy organizers, you don’t have to dump out your whole purse if you want to switch to a different bag. The Plaid Purse bag organizers are like giant wallets that store your essentials. They have five gusseted slots and a Velcro pocket to hold you wallet, keys, cell phone and more. Load up the organizer and drop it into the bag you want to carry for the day. The wrap-around version forms a ring, leaving space in the middle to fit a sweater or wrap. 

The Plaid Purse also carries adorable bag hooks to hang your bag on a table or counter when the other alternative is to put in on the floor. Years ago while working in television I had to carry a Super Model’s purse around all day because our dressing room did not have appropriate hooks. I even tried to clean an area for her bag, but she adhered to the superstition that you should never put your purse on the floor if you want your money to last. Wish I’d had a bag hook. 

Whether you are superstitious or just don’t want to get your gorgeous bag scuffed, a bag hook is must. The Plaid Purse hooks feature wonderful designs that are hand painted in Hawaii on capiz shells. I have one and it gets lots of attention. Both the organizers and hooks make great gifts for the purse-obsessed and the price is a lot lower than that of a new designer purse. 

Price: Drop-In Bag Organizer $12.95, Wrap-Around Bag Organizer $14.95, Bag Hooks $19.95 

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Featured on : Le Chic (, Written by: Christine Thomas

Purse-onal Space 
February 25, 2008 
L.C.: Aloha, my name is L.C., and I’m a purseoholic.

Group: Aloha L.C.

L.C.: I use a different bag every day. I tried going without on weekends—hoping to cut down. But then, last Saturday I changed my purse five times (sniff) …and kept forgetting something in the previous bag. Like my cell, right when my boyfriend was supposed to call. Then, my purse hook, and…(whispering) I had to put my new Coach bag down—on the floor.

Group: (gasp) No!

L.C.: I need help.

Group Leader: The first step is admitting the problem. The second is coping with your addiction by using Honolulu’s Plaid Purse Organizer. It looks like a mini handbag and comes in subtle dark colors or Hawaiian flower print. Just slide your must-have accessories in compact slots and flap pockets, and in the middle there’s room for a book, wrap, or water bottle. When you must change purses, just pick up the organizer from one and drop it into the next. One size fits most, a smaller version is perfect for clutches, and a larger tote bag size hits Hawai‘i mid-March.

L.C.: That’s amazing! But what if I become a bag organizer-oholic?

Group: Don’t worry—we’ve got a group for that, too.

Available at Shasa Emporium in Kahala Mall, and online at